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İGA Airport Operation Control Center (AOCC) is a control center where multiple internal (and potentially external) organizations work together to develop all aspects of airport operations comprehensively. The center, which operates like the heart of the Istanbul Airport, processes and monitors data from various sources using multiple methods. By this means, it produces information to portray an accurate picture of airport conditions and enables managing parties to take the right decisions.

Airport Operation Control Center is a focal point for airport operations through normal conditions, irregular operations, and emergency situations. In addition, the center monitors all airport operations by allocating resources with the airport planning department.

With efficient use of high-tech tools and solutions, İGA AOCC acts as a data integrator, ensuring the concerned staff and stakeholders operate as fully informed and equipped with accurate information. Airport management decisions are made at the center which performs monitoring, control, coordination, reporting and analysis.

Ramp Control Unit serving in AOCC

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This is the unit that makes the planning for each aircraft to use the airport on a charter- or non-charter basis, ensures communication with the company to provide ground services and the airlines company to perform the flight, provides Follow Me and PBB Services and ensures coordination with ATC in relation to these flights, ensures that the information on the services provided are kept and retained in the system, and ensures the continuity of such services.

The unit plans RMS-based appointments and flight charters, and makes sure that they are ready for operations. The process may be described under three main headings: preparation, planning and operations.

  • During the preparation phase, charters of airlines companies are acquired, and works to be taken as the basis for planning are completed.
  • Planning consists of assigning all flights via the equipment and systems used in line with pre-determined criteria, and sharing this information with the stakeholders to be in charge of the operation.
  • Operational process refers to sustaining the plans made in the most efficient manner, and the processing of the updated charter.
Ramp Control Unit also fulfills duties such as maintaining all operations either with or without system support, ensuring coordination with ATC Tower, Follow Me, Ground Services Companies, Airlines Companies and all stakeholders, surveillance and control of the runway, taxiway, apron and parking areas, and notification of problems (if any) to the relevant authorities​