Terminal Operation

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Istanbul Airport terminal stands out with its functional and aesthetic design. Thanks to the seamless terminal operation, passengers receive all services they may require, from the time of their entrance to the terminal building until their flight and/or from their deplaning until they leave the airport. All shareholders at the Airport, especially airlines and ground handling service companies, work effectively in coordination to provide uninterrupted service. Passengers enjoy access to a rich array of services offered at social living spaces; exquisitely designed lounges are situated at various points. 

Luggage Carrier System

The baggage handling system (BHS) is set up with the latest technology solutions at the Istanbul Airport. The barcode information of outbound passenger baggage is scanned and transferred to the system by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. All passenger baggage can be monitored until the last point of luggage delivery by a special baggage carrier system (ICS) utilized for the first time in Turkey at the Istanbul Airport.

Luggage Storage System

Bags are screened by explosive detection systems (EDS) before they are loaded onto the aircraft during flight security check. An EBS (Early Bag Storage) system is also utilized for the first time in Turkey at the Istanbul Airport. The system allows passenger bags to be checked in hours before flight time with the flexibility of retrieving the bag automatically at any time. Passenger luggage is stored in vertical racks until the time of flight with the help of intelligent elevators and automatically redirected to the related make-up carousel. The baggage is matched with the relevant flights correctly and delivered to the ground handling service companies in a timely, safe and complete manner.