iGA Meeting Lounge

​​​An impeccable greeting experience at Istanbul Airport

iGA Meeting Lounge  

With the iga Meeting Lounge service, we offer a service that takes the airport experience to the next level by avoiding the chaos that may be experienced when greeting international guests.
If you want your guests to benefit from these privileges, you can purchase the service right away on the​​ website or our Istanbul Airport mobile application and make reservations for your guests online or through the mobile application.

How to use the service?

  • Your company representative who will greet the guest must apply to the Meeting Lounge reception desk located on the international arrivals floor before the meeting. At the reception desk, you will be given a buzzer device that will inform you when your guest arrives at the area.
  • Your guests, which you made reservations for under their name, need only to apply the Meeting Lounge reception after passing the passport control and baggage claim points.
  • When your guest enters the Meeting Lounge area, the buzzer will activate and inform you of your guest's arrival.
  • To meet with your guest, you need to visit the reception desk and hand over your device.