E-Passport System

​​ E-Passport System  

With the "E-Passport System", the passengers who are Turkish citizens, are over 18 years old and who have chip-embedded passports will be able to save time during their travels. Passengers are able to go through a total of 30 E-Passport points (16 in arrivals, 10 in departures and 4 in the transfer area) at the airport, within 18 seconds following face recognition and fingerprint checks, thanks to the system.

Passengers, who have their passports with them, are required to scan their passports at the first point where the system is present. Then, the fingerprints and facial biometric data will be matched with the information on the passport. So, the passengers will be able to have their passport procedures carried out in about 18-20 seconds. Also, the passport stamping procedure is carried out by security officers.