Tax Refund

Tax Refund Form

Tax Refund  

A tax refund form must be requested from the shop where the shop is made and the form must be filled in by the passenger. (Current period is 3 months after the invoice date for this process in Turkey)

Customs Approval

A) For Passengers with Baggage
If the passengers are to deliver their luggage for which they have requested a tax refund, they must first present these items to customs approval. They can have approval procedures at the customs points located at the check-in counters numbered G3-4-5.

B) For passengers with hand luggage
If the items will not be delivered to the check-in counters as baggage and will be carried in hand luggage on the plane, passengers can make customs clearance at the customs office located on the right after the passport control point.

Note: During customs procedures, products, tax return form, invoices, boarding pass and passport must be with the passenger. The tax return form must be signed by the customs authorities.