​Assistant Call Point


We enable our guests to start receiving assistance from their airline company even before they enter our terminal.

Assistance service is furnished by the airlines’ contracted ground handling companies. To keep the time that you may have to spend waiting for service at the airport as short as possible, you are advised to notify your service request to your airline company and make your booking beforehand.

You can use the assistant call phones positioned before every airport entrance point to call your airline’s service provider and request assistance. You can take a seat at the bench right after the first entrance gate while you wait for your assistance to arrive.

Where to find it:

Before all terminal entrance gates.

Tactile Paving


We provide support for our white cane users from entrance to their point of assistance.

We have tactile paving in place for our guests with a white cane to guide them from the sidewalks extending to entrance gate 1, 3 and 7 to the information desks on the departing passenger floor and from the meeting points to the public transport area and taxi waiting area on the arriving passenger floor.

Tactile paving starts from the sidewalks of the departing passenger floor, with a turnoff right before the entrance gates for access to assistant call points. Our guests seeking assistance from their airline ​​company can reach the relevant staff by picking up the phone and push the button on the right.

Priority Entrances


We offer our guests priority entrance at security and passport control points.

Every security and passport control area is provided with priority entrance points that our guests can access by using the tactile paving available on the arriving passenger floor gate 1, 3 and 7.