​Audio Induction Loop


We have audio induction loops in place at our information desks to support our guests using hearing aids.

All elevators in our terminal and the information desks downstairs are provided with an audio induction loop to assist our hearing-impaired guests with a hearing aid.

Ask Me Digital Info Kiosk


We have accessible kiosks in place that can be used also in sign language to get audiovisual live assistance to query a service/location, get flight information or plot a route.

Our accessible digital info kiosks provide our guests with audiovisual live assistance which they can use to scan their ticket and query their boarding gate and plot a route thereto or any other location within the airport. Ask Me digital kiosks found at 23 different spots provide also live assistance in Turkish sign language during office hours.

Braille Tactile Building Directory Board


The directory boards available at our terminal entrance information desks are written also in Braille.

We have directory boards available at the information desks stationed close to terminal entrance on the arriving and departing passenger floor that provide guidance on the individual floors of our airport and the services offered on each - also in Braille for our visually impaired guests.

Where to find it:

  • Departing passenger, before passport, next to the information desk across entrance gate 2
  • Departing passenger, before passport, next to the information desk across entrance gate 5
  • Arriving passenger, next to the information desk at domestic arriving passenger meeting lounge

Istanbul Airport Guide Customized for People with Autism

We facilitate convenient travel with our guide making use of pictures to illustrate our airport processes.

Airports can be a challenging travel experience for first-time visitors. It can be even more challenging for our guests who are in need of a calmer environment due to their increased sensitivity to noise and crowd as a result of a disorder such as autism. To facilitate this challenging experience, we have published on our website a pictured guide illustrating our airport processes.