Loud Steps and Accessible Route

​​​​We provide our guests with an independent travel experience thanks to Loud Steps, developed for the Istanbul Airport mobile application, for our guests with white canes to reach the flight gates and receive the services they wish and with the Accessible Route that offers single lane perceivable route.

The Accessible Route, which is a first in the world, is now at the service of our guests on domestic departures floor.

Accessible Route


The single-lane accessible route connects to the tactile paving extending from the airport entrance to the information desk.

With the Accessible Route that can be accessed from the entrances and information points, the front of B, C and D check-in islands and Special Passenger Service Point can be reached. Due to the possible change of order in the check-in area, the accessible route ends at the beginning of the check-in island and starts again with the warning surface at the end of the check-in island.

The Accessible Route which runs throughout the Disabled Priority Entrance in domestic flights is divided into three as elevator, escalator, and static staircase at the point of floor change in domestic flights, proceeds on a main route along the G flight gates, stopping by the information point on a floor below. The path that runs with a single lane along the route includes a warning surface on the points at which flight gates or restrooms are located. With Loud Steps application, our guests can be informed about the services provided around them, while traveling along the route.

Loud Steps​


Our visually impaired guests using the “voice over” option on their phone in combination with the accessible route available at our airport can access “Loud Steps” when they open the map on Istanbul Airport mobile app.

Our visually impaired guests can use Loud Steps to search on the map any location they want to go, get a route to these locations for easy access with the help of voice guidance, and get information about their surroundings by holding out their phone and moving it around.

In order for the application to function more accurately, Wi-Fi and location features of the smartphones must be switched on.