İGA Spotter

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Istanbul Airport has put Turkey's first official "Spotter Area" into service, for those who are interested in aviation photography. The application system for the "Spotter Area", which will provide opportunities for aviation enthusiasts to come together and capture beautiful shots, opened on June 26, 2021. The Spotter Area will initially be accessible only on Saturdays, from 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM. Transportation will be provided free of charge by İGA with vehicles that will depart at 01:30 PM in front of column no.7 on the -2 floor.​

İGA, which opened Turkey's first official spotter area at Istanbul Airport, created a special opportunity for aviation enthusiasts who want to see the landing and take-off of airplanes up close. The Spotter Area at Istanbul Airport is located at a dominant point overlooking the runway 1 and the Air Traffic Control Tower. In the system where the applications will be evaluated weekly, entries to the area will be made with a temporary apron card. Individuals who upload the images of the front side of their Turkish ID or Passport and fill in the HES code in the spotter form will be able to submit their applications after uploading their passport photos.


In case you have any missing documents regarding your İGA Spotter application, your application will not be approved and accepted.
Applications of our visitors under the age of 18 are accepted under the supervision of a companion.​

*Applications are open for November 13​​, 2021.​