Damat Tween


An influencer in menswear since 1986, Damat has made fashion a lifestyle and is recognized in its segment by introducing the concept of "Affordable Luxury", a combination of the strategies of right pricing and quality product. Damat still leads in menswear fashion, challenging the time with a modern and innovative style that inspires world-quality collections with top-line Italian fabric with the touches of artisan couturiers. Turkey's cultural heritage and Istanbul's unique geography became the building blocks of Tween, and in 1991, it conquered as the innovative, young, and dynamic brand of urban men by its designs that blend the east with the west, and the traditional with the modern. Tween is the perfect synthesis of functionality, technology, and design, and continues to be the authentic brand of those that step forward in the urban haste. Damat and Tween continue to offer Affordable Luxury at every corner you seek for the rhythm of the city, in more than 100 worldwide stores and with a global network.

Open (7/24)​